Better late than never.

You may or may not know that I just recently got married (as in like, 9 days ago ha).  Throughout the entire planning process (it was a long one, 1.5 years roughly) I would think to myself, “Man, this would make a good blog post,”  which would often be followed by the thought, “I don’t have time for that.”  Well, here goes nothing.

I want to start my posts with the wedding.  It was completely DIY with a lot of Pinterest inspiration.  Many people were amazed that I did it all myself (well with the help of my mom and a few others of course).  I did all of the wedding flowers as well.  I have a background in interior design so basically anything crafty or creative, I am down.  I actually have my own business on the side, check it out here: 

So anyway, I will start with posts about the wedding and try and break down some of the things I did for all of you who are still furiously planning your own weddings.  I will also try to provide some tips and advice (which I’m sure you’ll already have read in a zillion other places because, well, it’s true!).  So look for those posts and then whatever other randomness comes from the crafty life of Mrs. F.


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