How-To: Wedding Keepsake Box

Well this is my first “how-to,” so bear with me if it’s slightly painful.  haha.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not at all into scrapbooking (too many tiny little pieces for these giant hands) and I love to save all of the cards and stuff I get so I figured what better way to save all of this stuff than to stick it all in a box?  Not just any box, a super cute box that matches the theme of my wedding of course!  My wedding theme was rustic/vintage.

First I started with my supplies (all from Hobby Lobby)


I got some different size doilies, a nice brown box, some fancy scrapbook stickers, and assorted other embellishments (I always buy more than I need and return what I don’t use).

You will also need:

  • Mod Podge (I would suggest the matte finish)
  • A brush to apply your Mod Podge
  • Glue stick
  • Adhesive tape from the scrapbook section
  • Scissors


The next step is to lay out your doilies so you get an idea of where you want them to be.  I made mine so that the bigger ones would also come down the sides of the box.  You can use the Mod Podge to glue these on but I opted for a good ol’ gluestick.  I figured it was a lot less messy.  Don’t worry about little pieces that stick up still, you will be able to cement those down with the Mod Podge.


Once you have your doilies all glued down (start with the top first, you’ll want to finish up the ones you have hanging over the sides before you moved to the bottom of the box) you will cut the “flap” you have hanging over the sides:


I found it was easiest to do this by taking the top off and cutting it that way.  Then you will apply some glue to the piece you just cut and align it on the bottom half of the box so that it matches where you have the one on the lid (pretty simple stuff).


If you’re like me and you had some excess at the bottom, just fold that over onto the bottom of the box and glue it down as well.


After you get those secured, then you can decide where, if any, you want to put other doilies on your box.  I added some on the sides and on the bottom.  There was a price tag on the bottom I couldn’t get off so I covered it with a doily.

Next comes the fun part, Mod Podge!


I just poured some on to a paper plate to make it easier for brush application.  I would like to point out that I used the Mod Podge I had on hand, which was a terrible idea because a) I’m pretty sure I’ve had this bottle since 2008 and b) it has a glossy finish.  Nevertheless, I marched on with my bad self and used it anyway.


Start with the bottom of your box, because it’s the least likely area to be seen and so it’s good for practice. I just applied mine on with a foam brush.  You’ll want to slather it over all the little nooks and crannies while simultaneously trying to make your brush strokes all go one way ( with 7 year old Mod Podge…) you can dab those areas too if you need to, just make sure to even out your brush marks after.  I covered the doilies and the surface of my box so it all looked the same.  You could try just doing the doilies if you wanted to.


Pretend like you don’t see all the bubbled up spots… haha this is why we start with the bottom!  Once you get that done, work your way to the lid.


Much better!  Also very shiny… haha.  Once that dries (it shouldn’t take too long)  you can embellish your box.  I had all these ideas but I opted for the simple look and I love the way it turned out:


Less is more right?  I had a newspaper clipping of our engagement announcement and I decided the best place for it was the inside lid of the box.  That gave me more ideas for embellishment, enter cutesy Polaroid cutouts:


I cheated and used photo shop to size the pictures down to the approximate size of the cutouts and printed the photos out using some free photo paper that came with my printer ink (if you’ve never tried using the photo paper it’s actually pretty impressive!). Then I cut them out and used my adhesive tape to attach them to the cutouts.


Wallah!  I printed out a bunch of different photos (and ended up not using half of them, naturally).  Once you have them attached to the cutout then you can use the adhesive to stick the whole thing to your lid.  You can also embellish the crap out of the inside of the lid ad well.  Again, I opted for the simple route.  After all that, it’s time to put all of your wedding keepsake’s into your fancy box!



In case you don’t know what all you could possibly put into said box (yea, right.) Here are some things that went into mine:

My husband’s boutineer, greeting cards from the wedding, my headpiece, honeymoon memorabilia, wedding guestbook, a wedding invitation, etc.

I hope that this post inspires you to do something crafty!  If any of you decide to make your own, I’d love to see it, feel free to post a picture in the comments!


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