Wedding DIY: Cake Toppers.

I’m sure that you’ve done it.  You’ve opened up your trusty google search engine and typed in, “Wedding cake toppers.”  You’ve thought to yourself, “I want a cool unique cake topper.”  And then once you saw how much the, “cool unique cake topper,” costs you were like uhh no.  So what do you do?  You make your own of course!

One of the benefits of having a “rustic” wedding like I did is that you can get away with soooo much DIY stuff and it still looks good.  I searched and searched for cake toppers that I liked, nearly giving up and shelling out the $69 for one that I kind of liked.  Then I turned to Pinterest (of course) for some ideas.  That’s where I saw these babies: bird-wedding-cake-topper

I thought, hey, what a great simple idea!  Then I continued looking for cake toppers haha.  Which, by the way, they have some super cute ones on Etsy, but again, i’m a cheapskate.  So I returned to this photo and decided on my next trip to Hobby Lobby I was going to collect the stuff to make these.  Did hob lob have bird cutouts?  They sure did!  They are in the craft section with the wood items in a package of other wood cutouts like trees and stuff.  I picked up a package and then I also grabbed a package of small wooden dowels (as a side note, wooden bbq skewers would work too!).  You will also need: craft paint, hot glue, and hot glue gun.  I added a cutesy little twine bow to mine as well.

2015-06-30 15.03.33

I knew when I started I wanted them a little distressed looking (rustic, right?) so I stained the birds first.  Once that dried I did a dry brushing kind of technique with thin layers of paint, letting some stain show through is good too.  After that dries, sand the areas where the stain is already showing through.  Then you’re ready to paint your words on.  After that I just attached my birds to the dowels with hot glue, I stuck the dowels in some styrofoam to free up my hands while gluing.  I decided I need a bow to help conceal where the hot glue went so I added some jute string (also from Hobby Lobby) in a bow.  And tadaaaa, you’ve got yourself some $5 cake toppers!




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