From concept to creation, our guest room is done!


My concept rendering of the guest room

First, let me just point out that we are currently renting the house that we live in.  I would love to be able to paint but pretty decorations will have to do for now!  It all started with an idea (doesn’t it always?), maybe it was a pillow, or a comforter, or how I just like red, white, and blue.  Then I thought, hey, having a patriotic room would be cool.  My Husband and I both come from military families, he even served himself for nearly ten years, so uhhh, no brainer.  haha.

If you’ve ever searched for, “patriotic comforters,” then you know that there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from.  I had to improvise, which turned out cooler anyways.  I also knew I wanted to do one of those door headboards, and I had two matching side tables as well.  Once we moved from our old place to here, it was on.  Unemployment leads you down a dangerous DIY path haha.  First I did the headboard, which was a door that my old boss was gracious enough to give me for freeeee!




2015-03-20 14.06.47

I suppose that if I had started a blog sooner I could have chronicled all these side projects, but I didn’t.  I painted and weathered the door and added crown moulding.  Let me just say that you need a miter saw for this, trust me.  This was my first experience using a miter saw, figuring out the angles weren’t hard but trying to get them to match up exactly was.  Needless to say, the far side corner is a teensy bit jacked up, but you can’t see it anyway unless you walk to that side of the room, hardly noticeable haha.  I also mounted the headboard using a french cleat.  You can find these at Lowe’s in the “picture hanging section.”  Here’s a nice how-to on the headboard:

Then I took my matching tables that I bought for $20 and repaired them with some wood glue and painted/weathered them to match the headboard:






Then I took the pair of lamps that I already had, and repurposed them as well.





I got these cute burlap shades at Target! Oh and while I was doing all that, I decided to make a pallet flag since we have a giant pile of pallets sitting in our backyard (it’s like it was meant to be!).  I started out by laying out all my boards how I wanted them, then I secured them with 1×4’s and wood screws, taped, painted, sanded, weathered, and taddaaa:




You can find the blog I followed to make mine here.

Our guestroom, like all the bedrooms in this house, is fairly small.  Initially we had this huge, heavy, stupid, ginormous (can you tell I hated it?) dresser in there.  I was like this is not gonna work hubbs.  So I sold it for $60 and then saw this sweet (already red) armoire on craigslist.  I think I paid $125 for it?  It was totally worth it in my opinion.  It’s solid wood and the only thing I had to do to it was switch out the hardware to an oil rubbed bronze


I knew that I wanted some nice festive pillows for the bed.  We got some giftcards and what not for our wedding so I used those to purchase pillows, and it’s almost July 4th so they were already on sale and easy to find.  I was going to make my own curtains for the room but I wanted them to be long and lined and the cost of making those vs. the cost of buying some just wasn’t worth it.  So I bought some.  Ha.  After all that, the room is finally coming together!

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… drumroll please…

2015-07-02 15.31.20

2015-07-02 15.31.00

2015-07-02 15.30.31

2015-07-02 15.30.03

2015-07-02 15.29.27

2015-07-02 15.29.07

2015-07-02 15.27.36

2015-07-02 15.26.35

2015-07-02 15.26.00




I love the way that it turned out!  Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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