My DIY “designer” litter box.

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I have a serious case of baby fever.  This has inspired me to make my office (aka future baby room) more baby friendly, or just baby in general.  My office is kind of the catchall for everything and it is also Nugget’s room (our kitty cat).  The closet in that room was basically useless because her litter box was in it and it’s very dusty and perfumey in there.  This presented a problem for me, how can I get her litter box out of the room but also move it somewhere that no one will know it’s a litter box?  We’ve all seen those fancy litter boxes that are enclosed in a table or other piece of furniture.  These proved to be somewhat pricey in my opinion, not to mention they are all pretty short and my cat needs a bit of room to get all the litter off her paws before she gets out of the box.  So then I thought to myself, “Hey, I should just make one of these!”  I already knew where I could put it (our house is pretty small and space it limited) so I started my google search for a storage bench.  I found this one from Hayneedle at an awesome price.  We ordered it and it was here within the same week, shipping was free too!

Once I secured a sweet bench, I ordered a cat door from Amazon.  The bench was actually pretty easy to assemble, I did it by myself and it probably took about an hour.


Some assembly required.


Nugget’s idea of helping.

20151018_131207 20151018_131219 20151018_131545

I made sure I could find a cat box to fit in the bench before I cut a hole for the cat door.  Initially I thought using a storage tub would be such a great idea20151020_190216 20151020_190235

Then I remembered that Nugget is a big litter slinger and I didn’t think that the lip at the bottom would be tall enough for her.  So, the search was on again.  I ended up finding one at Amazon (of course) haha.  After I had everything I needed I put in my cat door.  All you need to do this is a drill and jigsaw, and a screwdriver.


Then I had to train her to use it.  This was pretty easy because she loves to eat so I started out putting a little bit of food inside and cracking the door, she figured it out pretty fast.  I stuck her auto feeder in there for a few days so she would get the hang of it.  After that, I put down a cat litter mat and then inserted her litterbox.  I stuck a command hook in to hang the poop scoop off of, and then it was time for the moment of truth… success!  She used her litter box and I think she actually likes it better, she spends a lot of time in there.

Here is the finished product:


Now I am on the hunt for a dust-free, scent-free litter.  Once I find a good one we’ll be all set.  All in all, to DIY my own litter box, it cost me about $150ish, still cheaper than the kind made for cats, and it’s a lot longer.  Looks nice and stylish in our kitchen, you can’t even tell what it’s really being used for!


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